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Following Winter and Spring, this elegant gift book captures the hazy beauty, warmth and longer days of summer, illustrated with artworks from Tate’s collection.

Summer, both languid and fiery, has never ceased to be a source of inspiration. In Summer, works of art – including paintings, drawings, photographs, illustrations and installations – are punctuated by brief captions offering additional information about the art, artists and their subjects.

Divided into key themes – ‘Return of Helios’, ‘The Green Tide’, ‘Sweltering bodies’, ‘Winding Down’ and ‘Mercury Rising’ – the book traces the hazy evenings and heated moments in the relationship between summer and the artists who sought to capture it.

Featured artists include: David Bomberg Eric Ravillious, Lorna Simpson, Henry Moore, Lisa Milroy, Barbara Hepworth, Helen Chadwick, Dod Procter, Mary Adshead, Paule Vézelay, Ethel Walker, Chris Killip, Dora Carrington, John Constable and Daido Moriyama.

Hattie Spires is an independent curator and author, having previously been Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary British Art at Tate Britain. Her previous book, Van Gogh, 2019 was also published by Tate Publishing.
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