Alex Danchev presents a definitive and insightful biography of the iconic surrealist artist René Magritte.

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Showcasing over 100 remarkable artworks from the past 200 years, this beautiful book reveals how the intangibility of light continues to fascinate us.

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this book is a heart-warming tale about trying new things, even when we might need a bit of help to find the courage to do it.

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This beautifully illustrated book is the first to explore Turner’s erotic works – a little-known strand in the artist’s practice – and brings together an outstanding selection of sensual and passionate drawings, all taken from Tate’s collection.

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Subjects covered include choosing or making your own sketchbook; getting the habit; living with your mistakes; making a mess; doodling; drawing from observation; looking at works of art; trying things out; writing down ideas; collage; and selecting materials.

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Spanning 500 years, works of art – including paintings, drawings, sculptures, illustrations and installations – are punctuated by brief captions adding background detail or additional information about the art, artists and their subjects.

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Following Winter and Spring, this elegant gift book captures the hazy beauty, warmth and longer days of summer

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The award-winning Museum of Me follows a little girl on a journey of discovery to find out what museums are and what they hold in store.

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Lisa has a very important cat – he always has lots of appointments to keep in town and has an extremely busy schedule! Each day he slips off on his travels, but where does he go?

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How does music make you feel? What’s your favourite song? And what can it inspire you to do?

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Prints have played a unique and important role in the history of art and image, and this engaging book explores the numerous ways artists have embraced printmaking over the course of three centuries.

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