(Eng) Your Spiritual Almanac: A Year of Living Mindfully (Hardcover ) / Joey Hulin


SKU : 9781786277343

Ideal for all spiritual explorers and anyone curious about mindful living.


Ideal for all spiritual explorers and anyone curious about mindful living, the book is divided into the 12 months, each replete with advice and inspiration. Discover your crystal and essential oil, affirmation and meditation, recipe, moon phase, yoga pose, fable and uplifting quote for every month of the year, with each entry perfectly attuned to the season. With so many suggestions and mindful practices to encourage reflection and give guidance, this is the gentle approach to a spiritual life, and an ideal way to begin a new year.

Joey Hulin is a writer, meditation teacher and poet based in Cornwall, UK. She has dedicated the last decade to her own spiritual growth by living and embodying the teachings she shares. She is founder of wellness company Horizon Inspired, offering down to earth, soulful well-being retreats and meditations worldwide.

ISBN: 9781786277343
FORMAT: Hardback
PAGE DIMENSIONS: 180 x 120 x 22mm
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