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Hoshinoya, Japanese luxury resort label and flagship brand of Hoshino Resorts, traces back to 1904, in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture

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Hoshinoya, Japanese luxury resort label and flagship brand of Hoshino Resorts, traces back to 1904, in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. Operating in six locations— Karuizawa, Kyoto, Taketomi Island, Fuji, Tokyo, and Bali—Hoshinoya proposes an alternate genre of accommodation through a contemporary reinterpretation of ryokan, the quintessential embodiment of the Japanese spirit and philosophy of service and hospitality.

The brand of this issue, Hoshinoya, is a luxury resort chain by Hoshino Resorts that offers its own unique type of rest and relaxation. There are many accommodation services in the world, including global hotel chains that each develops its own concept and type of leisure space. But where Hoshinoya distinguishes itself is in its complete reinvention of the rules of conventional hospitality. Come to think of it, if you look over the brands covered in B, there aren’t many that offer a completely new product or service. Rather, they each took the time to analyze and grasp the traditions and principles of their industry better than anyone before determining which aspects would go along with their brand’s direction. Hoshinoya is a brand that’s highly skilled at keeping what’s worth saving and discarding the rest. Their method of reinvention can be defined as the process of highlighting their strengths and forfeiting their weak areas. They adopted Japan’s traditional ryokan form of accommodation but assimilated aspects of Western hotels in their service and interior designs, cleanly eliminating anything they couldn’t use and thereby creating their own formula. They also offer more choice to the customer by offering options for rooms without things like appliances, TVs, or clocks, as well as the option to skip meals within the resort. Another interesting aspect of their style of reinvention is the bold embracement of geological features that would normally be viewed as architectural obstacles. This is why their first branch in Karuizawa and their second branch in Kyoto are completely different in their exteriors, even though they’re part of the same brand. This is also why you can’t describe Hoshinoya’s concept with aggressive words like “resort development.”


ISBN 9791160360370
Language English
Date of Publication 2018
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