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Portland is a city surrounded by nature. It not only serves as the headquarters of large outdoor sports brands

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Located in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest region on the West coast of United States, Portland is a city surrounded by nature. It not only serves as the headquarters of large outdoor sports brands such as Nike and Columbia Sportswear but is also home to Kinfolk, a wunderkind of magazine culture, and Stumptown Coffee Roasters, a leading force in the specialty coffee scene. Although Portland is not known for its architectural wonders or trendy shopping districts like New York or London, the city is bubbling with creativity, with products and artwork made with traditional techniques and local materials as well as alternative forms of businesses that were born of passion.

This edition of magazine B introduces the city of Portland, Oregon. As always, we began by asking if it might be possible to see Portland as its own unique brand. Our attempts to answer this question have been faithfully documented in the following pages. No doubt our readers will arrive at their own answers, but, if only as a preview of what’s to come, I will o er this: Portland is a city built on its people. Its vitality lies not in vast amounts of capital, or a grand history preserved in relics and remnants, or the energy conveyed by sophisticated architecture, but in people who believe that the will for good, coupled with deep conviction, can change the world. Moreover, if the people we talked to for this issue are any indication, Portlanders are also of the sort concerned more with asking questions than hurrying to produce the “right” answer. What does it look like to live fully human lives? Where do the objects we use every day come from? In what direction are we now headed? These are the sorts of questions they never stop exploring, and the thoughtfulness behind such deliberations is what makes the city a truly open place. This posture of openness, in turn, means acceptance and embrace, not only of oneself but also of one’s neighbors, and importantly, the work such neighbors do. After all, it’s not unusual for another person’s choice of work to seem odd or even pointless but in Portland, it’s the spirit behind your endeavors that counts. Portlanders are wholehearted and unsparing in their support for undertakings built on sound intentions. This is probably why small businesses and entrepreneurs crop up in the city on a near daily basis — a workshop that helps people build and complete their own projects, a record shop specializing in lesser-known music, a museum of bizarre odds and ends, and a brewery that’s all about crafting experimental brews.


ISBN 9791160360202
Size & Page 170 x 240 mm , 172 pages
Language English
Date of Publication 2017
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