The Museum: From its Origins to the 21st Century (ENG-Hardcover) / Owen Hopkins / Frances Lincoln


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Throughout their history, museums have stood as repositories of humanity’s greatest cultural and scientific achievements. But museums are not simply about the past. As indices of what we value and deem significant in the world today, and therefore what we feel we must preserve for future generations, they tell us a lot about how we see the future too.

Visited by millions around the world every year, discover the untold story of the history of the institution of the museum, one of mankind’s most essential creations.

Using examples of the greatest cultural institutions to shape the narrative, this book outlines the history of the museum movement, tracking the evolution from princely collections in Europe and the Enlightenment’s classically inspired temples of curiosities, via the public museums of the late nineteenth century, on to today’s global era oficonic buildings designed by the world’s leading architects.

Over the course of five chapters filled with stunning imagery that highlights the beauty of these venerated buildings, the origins of key institutions are revealed, including:

• Louvre
• Metropolitan Museum of Art
• British Museum
• Tate Modern
• Hermitage
• Guggenheim
• Smithsonian Institute
• Acropolis Museum

the author
Owen Hopkins is an architectural historian and Director of the Farrell Centre at Newcastle University. He was previously Senior Curator of Exhibitions and Education at Sir John Soane's Museum and before that Architecture Programme Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, both in London.


SBN: 9780711254565
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Pages: 320
Language: English

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