(Eng) Never Too Small : Reimagining small space living By Joel Beath and Elizabeth Price


SKU : 9781922417213

Reimagining Small Space Living


About Never Too Small

What does the future of urban living look like? 

Joel Beath and Elizabeth Price explore this question drawing inspiration from a diverse collection of apartment designs, all smaller than 50m2/540ft2. Through the lens of five small-footprint design principles and drawing on architectural images and detailed floor plans, the authors examine how architects and designers are reimagining small space living.


Reimagining Small Space Living
Our love letter to the visionaries and artists of small—footprint design.

We have carefully curated our 30 favourite ingenious projects under 50 square metres to inspire and delight you.
From Melbourne to Madrid, Athens to Amsterdam and Singapore to Sydney, we revisit some of our favourite designs while also sharing new spaces, not yet featured on our channel.

Architectural images, detailed floor plans and an extensive directory make this a rich resource for anyone looking to build, redesign or reimagine their own small space. We go beyond the designs and their creators to explore the historical context, the neighbourhoods and the cultures that shaped their inception.

You’ll discover ideas for creating less waste as we build our homes and expand our cities, ideas for reducing our footprints and living more sustainably, and compelling arguments for how these ends can all be achieved without compromising on comfort of style.

This is our celebration… our love letter to the visionaries and artists of small-footprint design.
For the first time, we introduce five key design principles to help us unpack and learn from their work.

  • We explore how designs diversify living spaces to maximise their footprints and adapt to need or mood…
  • And how they amplify a sense of space by allowing light and air to flow freely within it.
  • We admire the architects and designers who don’t strip away but instead expand structures and add bulk to create greater function and comfort.
  • We applaud those who revive the outdated and old to give it new life…
  • And we marvel at the architects who innovate with bold features, materials and concepts to not only elevate and distinguish their own design but to challenge the notions of what small footprint living can be.

    Full of inspiration we can each apply to our own spaces, this is a book that offers hope and inspiration for a future of our cities and their citizens in which sustainability and style, comfort and affordability can co-exist. Never Too Small proves living better doesn’t have to mean living larger.


PUBLISHER: Smith Street Books
ISBN: 9781922417213
FORMAT: Hardback
PAGE DIMENSIONS: 210 x 250mm
CATEGORIES: Interior Design

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