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There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to beer.


Beer is brewed from barley, hops, and water, and it is considered the most popular alcoholic beverage in human history. Roughly separated into lagers and ales depending on fermentation, lagers account for nearly 80 percent of all beer sold in the global market by big-name brands. The aughts saw a boom in craft beer comparable to the third wave of coffee. Primarily served by small breweries and always pushing the envelope for better quality, craft beer has made beer personal again. The emphasis on creating unique flavors also gave birth to new visions, like microbrews and gypsy brewing, through which craft beer evolves relentlessly in brewing methods or production practices, all the while adapting to new culinary trends with non-alcoholic beers or beer pairings at fine dining restaurants.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to beer, even without bringing up its long history and colorful regional traditions. Beer also symbolizes a certain diversity and freedom in that anyone can knock back a cold one that suits their personal taste. For instance, craft beer, which has taken off particularly in the US, is not just a fleeting trend but a movement that extends as far as to be called a subculture. With a low barrier to entry, the beer industry has achieved astonishingly fast growth compared to other food items, and as a result, everyone from large alcoholic beverage manufacturers and regional communities down to individuals are clamoring to get brewing.


Letter from F

Message in a Bottle
Bold slogans that tell a story about the brand

Metropolitan brewpubs, a symbol of subculture amid fierce competition that shapes the craft beer scene

Scope and definition of craft beer

New Wave, New Brewery
Breweries that demonstrate the trends of contemporary craft beers, from spontaneous fermentation to an eco-friendly practice that uses bread scraps

Academic Manual
The history, tradition, and style of beers that have evolved thanks to popular characteristics

F Lab
Homebrewing with two commercially available kits

Harvesting Hops
Hukins Hops, a hop farm that has continued for five generations in Kent, England

Star hops that are pivotal ingredients in craft beer

Florent Ladeyn : Florent Ladeyn, owner-chef at Auberge du Vert Mont, presents contemporary takes on Flemish culinary culture paired with a proprietary craft beer

On the Table
Fine dining beer pairings that have shifted the beer paradigm

Beer Lovers
Praise for beer by four beer aficionados

F Cut
Brewing philosophies and styles as reflected in beer packaging

Brian Strumke : Brian Strumke, head of Stillwater, talks about the future of the craft beer scene

Bottle shops stocked with new, hippy beers

Into the Market
A selection of beers listed according to style

Books and videos presented by acclaimed beer experts



Publication date - 2020

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